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2015 PaddleYou Celeb Pong Madness

On March 20, 2015

It’s time for 2015 PaddleYou Celebrity Ping Pong Madness where YOU help us find the best celebrity table tennis player in the world.

To celebrate, we’re offering 10% off all orders by using the code CELEBPONG15 at, that means you can design as many custom, game improving ping pong paddles as you can dream up and get them ALL at a discount (time to put that instagram feed to work).

To help figure out who will join past winners Judah Friedlander and Jimmy Fallon, this year we’ve got 4 new regions: Musical Trendsetters, All Stars, Leading Ladies, and Starring Men. Let’s take a look at the matchups…

Musical Trendsetters
(1) Katy Perry vs (4) Justin Bieber: Katy Perry’s music video for “This is How We Do” was a big one for us in the last year (and even inspired a Halloween costume), but Bieber is riding momentum after his de facto play-in game victory over Action Bronson a few weeks ago.

(3) Steve Aoki vs (2) Armin Van Buuren: You want DJs? We’ve got DJs. Aoki may have played with Soo Yeon Lee, but Armin had a whole song called “Ping Pong.”

All Stars
(1) Michelle Wie vs (4) Mario Balotelli: Wie is representing all the golfers this year (and golfers had another big table tennis year) since she threw her own table tennis event. Balotelli has been at the center of a few ping pong controversies this year, but is also representing Liverpool FC, which had a Hall of Fame table tennis year.

(3) Chris Paul vs (2) Dominic Moore: A hockey vs basketball matchup between two guys who planned and hosted charity table tennis events this past year. Too bad they can’t both win.

Leading Ladies
(1) Shailene Woodley vs (4) Zoe Kravitz: Insurgent comes out this weekend so it’s only fitting that the two stars face off in table tennis to see who really runs the franchise.

(3) Julia Louis-Dreyfus vs (2) Lake Bell: While Louis-Dreyfus had an on screen fight with a ping pong ball this year, Lake Bell played table tennis while killing a magazine cover story interview.

Starring Men
(1) Daniel Radcliffe vs (4) Rob Lowe: Daniel Radcliffe only did an entire press junket at SPiN while playing table tennis whereas Rob Lowe made fun of ping pong…while this bracket doesn’t have 16 seeds, Rob Lowe is still probably a 16 seed.

(3) Zac Efron vs (2) Tom Hanks: Hanks came onto the scene late with a surprise display of table tennis in Carly Rae Jepson’s new music video. Efron starred in Neighbors, which used ping pong to show the invention of beer pong.

In the end only one thing matters: YOUR VOTES. The first round (aka the Serving 16) will run through Wednesday the 25th and we’ll have a new round of matchups ready next Thursday the 26th. So VOTE, VOTE, VOTE and go design a ping pong paddle and get 10% off with the code CELEBPONG15.


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