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Earthquake in Nepal…Time to Help

On May 1, 2015

As you’ve almost definitely heard, there was a devastating earthquake in Nepal. If you’re looking for a way to help, please feel free to use the Red Cross link below and donate. We’re also going to donate a portion of paddle proceeds to the Red Cross, so feel free to buy any paddle on or to support Nepal.

There are a lot of people who love table tennis who live in, and are from, Nepal, and they need our support now. There are even Nepalese players who were competing on the world stage when the earthquake took place (via

The Nepalese athletes who are competing at the World Table Tennis Championships awoke to the worst possible news on Sunday as information filtered out of their homeland about a 8.1-magnitude earthquake that struck near Kathmandu [....]

Obviously the Nepalese players in Suzhou are desperate to hear more details from home but Elina Maharjan and Nabita Shrestha had to try to focus on table tennis with the knowledge that their family and friends are at home facing calamity [....] “It’s hard to play. I just pray everyone is safe,” [Maharjan] said. “Some people I know are hurt, and some friends are dead. It’s very painful.” [....]

Thankfully for Maharjan though, she has heard from her family and knows that they are alive and out of danger.

Shrestha has been hit hard too, her family escaped death, but they know there can still be more dangerous aftershocks.

“It affected me, of course, because now there are 72 hours of critical conditions. There could be another earthquake strike at any time and my parents and my family are staying (outside in a tent), so it is quite difficult,” she said.

“I’ve played under stress, but not under this kind of extreme stress, thinking about my family who are staying in a tent and cooking outside, and how they get the food because everything has been destroyed.” [....]

Another Nepalese player Deep Saun said the uncertainty and lack of information from his homeland affected him in his qualification loss to Laurens Tromer of the Netherlands, but he too was relieved to find out he did not lose any family members.

“It has affected our play because it’s been a bad time in Nepal right now,” said Saun. “I think it’s bad but we are here to represent Nepal and we will try to play our best.”

Thank you.


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