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Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATE (December 2018): We are still facing production delays and are not sure when we’ll be able to fulfill new orders. Please stay tuned to this page for updates and feel free to email with questions at

How long do paddles take?
Orders usually arrive in 10 business days if you’re in the US (however production and ship times can vary). International orders may take longer and due to shipping distance and customs in your country, we can’t guarantee how long it will take to get you your paddle, but we’ll do everything possible to keep you informed.

Do you offer express options?
We can help you arrange express service. Once you place your order, email us at and we can help set up faster shipping.

I want to order paddles for everyone at my company, on my team, that I go to school with, etc.- can I buy in bulk?
You’re a wise person. You can order lots of different designs in the designer and if you have any questions or need any help ordering a bunch of different designs or a lot of paddles, shoot us an email at and we’ll give you all the info.

Where are PaddleYou paddles made?
We proudly design, manufacture, AND customize all PaddleYou paddles in New York.

How much is shipping?
$5.99 in the US, $24.99 Internationally.

What kind of paddle is this?
We use top quality Table Tennis Nation sandpaper paddles designed to make ping pong easier and more fun. The patent pending design features 9 layers of wood and 2 layers of a proprietary carbon blend so you have a bigger sweet spot.

Why is my image on sandpaper?
The sandpaper is a key part of the paddle that helps increase the length of rallies, get rid of unfair spins that other paddles use.

Why does my image look different in the paddle designer?
We want to give you a representation of what your paddle will look like when it arrives.

How do the paddles look?
Pretty sweet. They’re designed to look great up close and awesome from across the table.

Can I put my image on both sides of the paddle?
Absolutely. Just check the box at checkout.

What if I want a different design on each side of the paddle?
We’re working on adding this to the site, but in the meantime, order a two sided paddle and then email us ( your order number and attach the image for the other side and we’ll work with you to get your order perfect.

What kind of pictures look best on paddles?
We think all great pictures and designs look awesome on our paddles but we think close-ups and bigger items look best. Some tiny details can fade on the sandpaper so the bigger the image the better. Check out some examples in our gallery.

Can I gift a paddle?
Of course! You can either make paddles for your recipients and choose to ship directly to them OR you can give them gift cards to design their own.

Do you offer Gift Cards?
We sure do. You can buy them here. We email you (or your recipient) a code in an email to enter at checkout.

I have a promo code/gift card. How do I use it?
You’ll have the chance to enter your code during checkout.

Can I order multiple paddles?
Of course. Thanks to our new designer, you can create as many paddle designs as you can dream of and order as many paddles of each design as you’d like.

Can I share my designs?
Not only can you share your paddle designs you SHOULD share your paddle designs. Whether you’re just messing around or ordering, we offer a giant share button on the checkout page where you can share your paddles directly to facebook, twitter, pinterest, or tumblr (you can also download your design and share it anywhere else you’d like).

How can I keep up with PaddleYou?
You can follow us on twitter or google plus, like Table Tennis Nation on facebook, subscribe to our email list (on the bottom of, and check out our blog.

Who set up PaddleYou?
PaddleYou is an initiative by Table Tennis Nation, a leader in social ping pong and the brainchild of international table tennis legend Marty Reisman.

I have more questions. Who can I bother?
We love ping pong and custom paddles so you won’t be bothering us. Shoot us an email at, and we’ll be happy to answer anything.