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How to Say Ping Pong in Japanese (Table Tennis Around the World 101)

On April 10, 2014

Table tennis is the most played sport in the world. The sport has been used to build friendships, political relationships, and as a means of relating with other people.

Since we at PaddleYou think ping pong can help people relate to one another (through just playing and visuals) We want to introduce you to how people around the world speak table tennis. We’ll be periodically introducing you to the words and phrases people use to describe table tennis.

In our 101 series we’ll be focusing on some very simple words before going into more advanced table tennis topics in later installments. If you have a language you’d like to see covered, shoot us an email at or tweet us @PaddleYou..

Table Tennis
Japanese: 卓球
Pronunciation: TAH CUE

Ping Pong
Japanese: ピンポン
Pronunciation: PIN PON

Japanese: ラケット
Pronunciation: RAH KE TOH

Japanese: ボール
Pronunciation: BORU

Table Tennis Table
Japanese: 卓球台
Pronunciation: TAH CUE DAI

And a couple that are a little more specific to PaddleYou for when you want to mention your custom, one of a kind, Made in New York, paddle..

Custom paddle
Japanese: カスタムラケット
Pronunciation: KAH SU TAH MU RAH KE TOH

Original Paddle
Japanese: オリジナルラケット

Japanese: プリント or 印刷
Pronunciation: PU RIN TO or IN SAH TSU

New York
Japanese: ニューヨーク
Pronunciation: NYU YO KU

Check out the PaddleYou blog for the next editions of Ping Pong Around the World and learn how to talk about forehands, backhands, serves, rallies, and more in Japanese and plenty of other languages.

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