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Marty Reisman (1930-2012) was the greatest American table tennis player of all time and the driving force behind the development of the game-improving Table Tennis Nation paddle that all PaddleYou paddles use.

Marty Reisman Table Tennis Nation PaddleYou

Marty played all over the world and was a huge proponent of making ping pong more fun, more exciting, and more interesting to look at. His signature style and color palette were the inspiration behind the Art Paddles and custom paddles that Table Tennis Nation started offering in 2010 and the PaddleYou service that was in development before Marty’s passing in 2012.

PaddleYou paddles are engineered to play great for player’s of all abilities (from a kid who has never played before to the World Class players like Marty Reisman). Be like Marty: use the best, don’t accept knockoffs or imitations. START DESIGNING NOW!